Dual Language Primary School in Wieliczka


Our school has at its core Maria Montessori’s methods of teaching, a style, attitude and system of education praised worldwide for producing independent, productive, free-thinking and confident children. The child at a Montessori school is given personal attention, is observed, listened to. They have access to range of educational instruments and materials which fascinate the child, which harmonise with their natural sense of exploration and intrigue. Their choices are respected, they are given space to think, to interact, to develop, and most importantly to discover. (read more about Montessori)



In Wieliczka Montessori School English is softly, naturally and systematically integrated into normal classes while children move about the school, learn about the world, about technology, about nature, the cosmos, about numbers and letters, words and stories. For our international pupils, English is used as the main language of instruction, and for bilingual students the languages will be kept at equal levels by working on the weaker where necessary. Children also participate in active language classes and have regular classes with an experienced native speaker of English (read more about our English methodology).




Independent School

As a “niepubliczna” (independent) school, the material from the Polish national curriculum is covered, our teachers are accepted by the department of education and we meet all the regulations as set out for regular public schools. A child attending our school is guaranteed exceptional academic preparation in the context of the general state education system and will be primed for entering their senior school of choice. Beyond this however, our status as “niepubliczna” gives us the opportunity to offer your child a host of further aspects which not only boosts the quantity of experiences, but moreover guarantees the quality of real life education. (read about our status as Independent School)